American Corner

We have a wide variety of food on offer ranging from a great burger to chicken wings with one of our special sauces.

Caffee shop

Lovers of the best coffee have a perfect excuse to stop along the way when visiting Aquavelis WaterPark and enjoy a  coffee, superior quality teas, and other delicious alternatives to please the palate.

Mini Donnuts

Special mini Donnuts to recover energy at the end of the day.

Ice Cream

Ice cream, slush drinks, snaks and more to have a pause between games and tubes.

ONLINE Discount

Complete Burger Meal* 9,50€ 8,07€ (-15%) Buy Now!
Regular Hot Dog Meal* 8,00€ 6,80€ (-15%) Buy Now!
Nuggets and Fries* 7,50€ 6,37€ (-15%) Buy Now!
Salad* 5,50€ 4,67€ (-15%) Buy Now!
*You need a ticket to enter in Aquavelis waterpart .Buy here

*Meals include Fries and drink.


Alergias e intolerancias.

Si tienes cualquier alergia o intolerancia, consulta al personal de Aquavelis.