normas e indicaciones

Summary of the standards and interesting references for a more pleasant stay with us

Some rules and standards for your information and security, so that your stay in the park becomes as pleasant as possible. PLEASE FOLLOW OUR INSTRUCTIONS.

– Obey the instructions of the life guards and employees of the park. Consider likewise the signs for the use of our attractions.

– With the admission ticket the user can enjoy all the attractions, according to the characteristics of each (height, age, etc.), as often as he wish. Sunbeds, snacks, storage compartments, slot machines or any other installations indicated by the operator are not included.

– The company will not admit children under 12 not accompanied by an adult responsible for their care and behavior.

– It is forbidden to bring in animals, glass bottles, chairs, tables, umbrellas or sharp objects into the areas of the Water Park.

– We keep a LIMITED NUMBER of sunbeds and storage compartments at your disposal.

– Do not run inside the park areas.

– Children under 8 years must always be in company of a supervisor.

– The management is not responsible for any object lost inside the park.

– Do not wear glasses, jewellery, piercings, watches, hair clips or brooches when using our attractions or swimming pools.

– Persons wearing plaster cast or prosthesis are not allowed to use our attractions and swimming pools for their own safety.

– It is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to use attractions.

– There is a dressing room with free access.

– The park management could expel those who disobey them or stubborn way relevant orders issued by the Management, the lifeguards or anyone else in the water park that reference the use of facilities able to security as well as to break the Park rules.

For a higher security and a more pleasant stay in our park, the management reserves the right to change the present standards. Our staff will keep you informed about eventual changes at any time. We look forward to your visit. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.